Saturday Club Membership
You are invited to join our club.
Sponsorship by a current member is
required. However, if you are not
acquainted with a member, please call us to
obtain an application and arrange for

Upon membership, there is an Initiation Fee
of $15.00 (includes club directory, history
book and member photo album), with annual
dues of $75.00.  

The only requirement of membership is that
each member must serve on one tea
committee each year. (There are provisions
for members who are medically unable to
serve their tea duty.) There are many
opportunities to get involved in committees
and activities.
            Saturday Club 2018 Events Calendar

                 Events are Open to the Public by Reservation
The Saturday Club of Vacaville
History, Membership, Foundation & Scholarship Program, Building Rental
Located at 125 W. Kendal Street, Vacaville, CA (Near Downtown)