Large kitchen

Two stoves, four ovens

Large refrigerator and freezer

Two sinks with

Microwave Oven

Large food preparation area

Commercial Dishwasher
Accommodates 145 Guests

Tables (18 round, 5 rectangular) chairs
included in rental


Adjustable Lighting

Wood-laminate flooring

Upright Piano
--------The Ballroom --------
--------The Kitchen --------
Additional Amenities
3,800 square-foot area  

Large hall for seating and/or dancing

Coat/hat storage

Bar setup area

Safety equipment (fire extinguishers, emergency
exits and lighting)

Central Heating and Air Conditioning


Ceiling Fans in ballroom
The Saturday Club of Vacaville
History, Membership, Foundation & Scholarship Program, Building Rental
Located at 125 W. Kendal Street, Vacaville, CA (Near Downtown)