The Saturday Club of Vacaville Foundation was established in
January 2003 as a non-profit entity of the Saturday Club.  Saturday
Club members appointed by the Board of the Saturday club
conduct the business of the Foundation and serve as the
Scholarship Selection Committee.  The objectives and purposes
are as follows:

By 1914, the wording of the purpose of the Club was changed
to read… “to form a recognized center for social and mental
culture, to further the education of women for the responsibilities
of life, to encourage all movements for the betterment of society,
and to foster generous public spirit in the com-munity”. Today,
these objectives remain with the Club’s dedication “to supporting
cultural arts in our community”.

The Saturday Club of Vacaville has offered support to young residents through a variety of means for most of its long
tenure.  In 1974, a formal scholarship programs was established, one scholarship of $250 was awarded to a high
school senior going on to college to continue studies in the arts.  The scholarship program has grown!  In the first
fifteen years it was established in 2003 the Foundation distributed over $110,000 to support the education of more
than 50 students in the Vacaville /Elmira area.

Support in the form of scholarships is given to local high school seniors and college or university undergraduates
planning to further their artistic education and contributions to the community by way of their talent—voice, music,
dance, theater, visual or graphic arts, film production, and/or creative writing. See Scholarship Program for more
The Saturday Club of Vacaville
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